Gibbet Hill Engagement Photos
Cordele Photography

Gibbet Hill Engagement Photos

A couple sits on a wall with green trees behind them with backlit sub on the brides red hair.  Up on the hill overlooking the barn of Gibbet Hill in Groton are the ruins of an abandoned castle. There isn't much left of them, but there is just enough to have clients sit, stand, lean lay, and kiss! I find a lot of neat nooks and crannies that help give dimension and depth to the photos. With this couple the light was perfect this day. It was soft enough that it wasn't overpowering. It was hitting the trees in the background in such away that when I focused on the couple it added a light green color to the background. I loved her hair and the way the rim light bounced off of it. The nice thing about shooting at Gibbet Hill is that you can walk back down to the barn and shoot up against the silo and have the cows in the background. There is nothing like being moo'ed at while you are taking photos.   I love the black dress she wore and who it complimented her skin tone. 

Location: Gibbet Hill 61 Lowell Rd, Groton, MA 01450.