Engagement Photos Hatch Shell
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Engagement Photos Hatch Shell

Engagement Photos at the Hatch shell

A couple sits on the stairs of the bridge by the river.  I love shooting on the Esplanade in Boston.  It's such a fun location! The waterfront of the Charles River is just amazing and there is so much life down there. Not just human life, there is amazing wildlife.  The small birds, to the geese, to the ducks.  It was so much fun walking in a part of Boston I am never in. I have lived in the city my entire life and I have never ever walked along this part of the river.  Further up in Cambridge they have a boat house.  

I fell in love with this location because it brings the focus to the couple in this image.  I love the green tree behind them, with the Hatch Memorial Shell in the background.  I love the light bouncing off the river into their faces, and I love that they are so comfortable with each other sitting here.  

Location: 47 David G Mugar Way, Boston, MA 02108.