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Being a Massachusetts photographer its always awesome when you get to visit historical sites like the Old North Bridge in Concord.

Here an engaged couple stands on the bank of the river with the reflection of them kissing showing. I love photos with simple elements that really make a photo.

At the Old North Bridge there is a river that runs under the bridge. There is a tiny beach and on summers when the weather has been dry, the beach is more prominent. Its not the easiest spot to get down to, but it's worth it. You can climb down the bank and then shoot down on the couple from the bridge. On days where the wind is still and the water is calm, you can get a wonderful reflection off the water of your subject. I found that lightening the tone of the image and adding a little yellow helped to give the photo a vintage feel. The bride and groom had an outfit change out of their jeans and tshirts and into more work causal clothes. The white dress and the khaki pants against the green background help the couple stand out. Shooting in Minuteman National Park really gives couples the diversity they are looking for.

Location: Concord, Massachusetts.

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