Concord MA engagement photos
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Concord MA engagement photos

Concord Massachusetts Engagement Photos

A couple kissing with the north bridge behind them.  Concord Ma has a few hidden gems for photography. One of my favorite places to shoot is up at the Old North Bridge.  There is so much history there that finding places to shoot can be overwhelming.  In this photo, The couple had said they wanted to make sure not to have any cheesy photos and to be sure to get her "good side".  In the background of this photo you see the restored Old North Bridge.  This is reconstruction of the 1760s version of North Bridge.  This site has a lot to offer in terms of water, trees and fences.  Lots of open spaces.  I warmed this photo up a bit as the day was a little overcast.  The day of this shoot I was 6 months pregnant and the couple was amazed at how little it affected the shots I went for.  I love the simplicity of their outfits and how natural they look.

Location: Concord, Massachusetts.