Charles River Engagement Photo
Cordele Photography

Charles River Engagement Photo


What better way to celebrate your love, than with an engagement session down on the Charles River in the summer? The couple sat on the bank of the Charles River and watched as the boats went by. With the fall leaves behind them and the green trees all around them, it made for a great photo. Jess wore an electric blue dress and Sheraz was dress in jeans and white button down shirt. As a couple in love, they looked so natural watching the people stroll along the shore. I waited for the perfect moment for them to kiss. You can see the people in the photo sitting on the bench in the background. It gives you such a feel for how the day was and the emotion in this photo. Engagement photos are such a great way to get to know your photographer and get some great photos of you two together. Couples should all be this relaxed and all sit down by the Charles River for photos!

Location: Charles River, Cambridge, MA.