Boston Common Engagements
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Boston Common Engagements

A black and white photo of an couple standing in the Boston Public Garden with the city behind them.  Did I mention on this day it was COLD.  One of the problems shooting in the cold is the clients tend to look cold.  Carrie-Ann was smart enough to dress both of them in really cute coats.  Coats can be a problem on shoots because they tend not to photograph well.  These coats were perfect so even though it was cold, they were able to pull off a great shoot.  I on the other hand, had a frozen hand.  No one realizes I can't shoot in mittens. If the temperature is 12 degrees, my hand is 12 degrees.  As a photographer I am use to making the sacrifice for great photos.  The clients don't ever know how cold my hands are or how much I want to put the camera down when the wind starts whipping.  Carrie-Ann and Brandon ended up getting married at the Codman Estate and you can see those photos on our blog.

Location: Boston, MA.