Acorn Street Engagement Photos
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Acorn Street Engagement Photos


A couple on Acorn Street taking engagement photos?! Acorn Street is one of the most amazing places to shoot couples in Boston.  I actually think that it's one of the most photographed places in the state.  I am actually not sure how people live there with all the photo shoots going on in the fall.  I get asked to shoot here all the time, and I try my best to do one shoot, but then go somewhere else.

This is very Boston.  It has the cobble stones, the American Flag, and the brick work. You also can't forget the amazing street lights.  I think these have since been converted from gas to electric.

To get there you need to navigate a couple small side streets in Beacon Hill.  Turn left here, Right there and then left again.  It's not the most easy to get to spot by car, so it's best you go on foot!

About the couple: 

Carrie-Ann and Brendan were such a fun couple to work with.  I have to tell you that when I meet clients I write my self notes on the client to help me remember them.  I wrote on their folder "looks like Nomar Garciaparra"  on their folder. They thought it was funny. I was so embarrassed, but it helps me remember my clients.   We had such a great day shooting downtown.  It was overcast so the light was amazing.  We started off over at Frog Pond, and then made our way through the streets around the area.  We got so many fun shots!  Carrie-Ann was such a trooper because it was SO cold!  She did her best to not look cold, and I made sure to do a LOT of snuggling photos to keep them warm!  Photos of cobblestone streets like this one really make the photo and give it  some much needed side street feel.  You wouldn't even know the hustle and bustle of the city is just on block over!  The only thing that bothers me in this photo is the ripped American Flag!  American flags should not have any damage to them! I hope they replace the flag on Acorn Street soon! This couple stood on Acorn street in such a great spot.  I think we had the perfect day even though it was a bit cold, you'd never know!

Location: Acorn street Beacon Hill, MA.