Newburyport engagement photos
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Newburyport engagement photos

This is an engagement photo of a bride and groom standing under a tree kissing. I simply love shooting where there is a ton of color. Up in Newburyport there is a great park called Maudsley State Park. Its an old estate that was recommissioned as a state park. Heather and Chris are both avid runners and both have run up there numerous times. Heather had suggested we do the shoot up there and after a quick internet shoot, I was so excited! This photo was toward the end of our session. We were packing up to leave and I saw the angle of the sun and these trees. I know that the best way to get rim light (the light around the couple) is to have a contrast background. When I out them in the spot to shoot the next element was just trying to figure out the best way to use the background and the light. I had them first look at me, but their faces were too dark. Then I had them look at each other. From there Heather just reached up and kissed Chris, and the magic was made. I love Heather's outfit in this photo and Chris looks just very comfortable and causal.

Location: Newburyport, Massachusetts.

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