Massachusetts beach engagement session
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Massachusetts beach engagement session

A couple stands on the shore of the beach with the ocean waves behind them, and their reflection below them.  I love this photo because of the reflections. I love the fact that the ocean is splashing a big wave behind them, and the beach in front of them is calm and glass like. It is symbolic of the way life and relationships are. Rocky at times, and smooth as glass the other times. Nicole and Chris were really excited to get a photo in the water, until they put their feet in and it was freezing cold! The entire time we were taking this set of photos, Nicole was shivering. This shoot was a bit more of a challenge because I had the wind to contend with, and the bright blaring sun. I was hoping that the day we did the shoot we would have a softer sunset, but not such luck! When trying to get a photo in the wind, its better to try and work with the hair and not fight it. When I shot on the beach I try and tell people to be sure that they look at the times of sunset and the wind forecast. Also, if its windy and 70 it's going to feel like windy and 50. I worked at the beach as a lifeguard and I can't tell you how many times the hot days turned cold really quickly.

Location: Good Harbor Beach Thatcher Rd, Gloucester, MA 01930.

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