Long Island Engagement Photos
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Long Island Engagement Photos

I have so many photos I love. This is one of my top ten. On Long Island Melissa and Brian wanted to get some fun photos. I saw this little old couple siting having Ice cream. They made some joke about "don't get us in the photo" and I smiled and said "I wouldn't dare of not including you!" As I set it up, they kept trying to leave and I just wouldn't let them. I wanted this "real" life moment. I wanted the couple to be so in love that they didn't care what was going on around them. As I was shooting, this little boy came zipping around me without a care in the world, and I had my photo. I couldn't have asked this little boy to do that any better. He just didn't seem to care this was going on. Didn't care I was a photographer, blocking the alley, shooting away. He had places to be! I showed the little old couple this photo after I was done and they were so stunned that it came out so great! I am not sure they really saw my vision. This photo hangs in my studio in my house and it makes me smile. I often wonder if I would like it as much in black and white, but I refuse to look. I love the colors in this photos.

Location: Long Island, New York.

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