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Professional dating profile photos have become so popular and have become a large portion of my portrait photography. When people call me to book these sessions, they sometimes feel sheepish or beat around the bush about their reason for the portrait. There's no reason to worry about that, it's such common practice! Dating portrait headshot photography is so common and is a way to put your best foot forward to find the love of your life.

The key thing you need to know for your dating profile photo is you want to look clean and neat. You want your clothes to fit, you want to be confident and you want to have fun. Yes, having your photo taken for a dating profile can be fun! As we get older it's so much harder to meet people and in today's day and age, the internet can help you learn to build a shed, create some amazing craft project, or help you find that special someone!

When you first call to book your session, I will ask a few basic questions (your name for one) and where you live. Then I will get into the nitty-gritty of what you are looking for. With each client, I try and come up with unique ideas to help showcase your personality in photos. While you want a nice portrait, you also want to capture how fun or reserved you are. We will hit the beach, go out on the bike trail, or stop at a local bookstore or library. There really are endless possibilities when you want to take fun photos to find your true love.

Did you know in Boston there are companies specifically designed to help you find love? I have a few listed below for you:
J Allen MatchMaking

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