Unicorn Cake Smash
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Unicorn Cake Smash

The unicorn cake smash photo seen here is of a one-year-old first birthday photo. Unicorn themes are all the rage right now and these sessions are no different. Finding props is pretty easy, and then you just have to set the scene up.

Cordele Photography located outside of Boston on Marla Lane near Reading MA has unicorn-themed sets for your child's Cake Smash Session.

Unicorns are mythical animals that look like horses and have magical horns on their head. While some people think unicorns came from Greek Mythology, it's actually been thought that they came from legends in India. They are also called pegasus and children love them. Pegasus are not unicorns. Pegasus was a white horse that was born in Greek mythology out of the blood of Medusa. According to sources, unicorns are regular horses with a horn sticking out of their heads.

You can make any animal a unicorn by placing a horn on its head! Click "contact us" to book your cake session now.

Location: 40 Marla Lane, Reading MA.

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