Pink and Gold Cake Smash Andover Massachusetts
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Pink and Gold Cake Smash Andover Massachusetts

Cake Smash Photography Andover Massachusetts

Cake smashes have to be one of the best milestones to photograph.  People say that the way a child approaches the cake, is showing a piece of their personality.    This little girl was no different.  She was timid and unsure.  Once she got the frosting off the cake onto her hands she wasn't sure what to do.  

Cake smashes can go one of two ways.  The kids dive head first; right in, OR, they are timid and afraid of the cake.  Both of these scenario photographs just fine.  My advice for a cake smash is to make sure the cake is soft enough to break into.  I also suggest leaving the cake out where the little one can see it for a few hours.  A lot of kids are absolutely terrified of the cake when parents first pull it out.    I know its counter intuitive to think that way, but trust me.  You don't want to have a child terrified of the cake.  

I also tell parents to leave any and all expectations at the door.  Don't expect them to be excited and don't assume they will be afraid.  You just never ever know.  

It's scary to have this big thing placed down in front of you and told to go ahead and touch it.  They have gone 365 days being told "No" and "leave it".  "

If you are going to do a Cake Smash, I suggest you buy an outfit that you don't really care about.  That way when it's stained from the food dye, you won't be sad.  It is no fun to have an outfit that's super special be ruined.

Location: Reading Massachusetts.