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A little boy smashes a cake on the wood floor, dressed as a Cowboy in Reading MA for his birthday photos. Little boys have been dressing up like cowboys since the early 1900s.

Cowboys are an American staple. They are known for raising cattle and working on ranches. They came up from Mexico and settled in the Western United States. Some of the more known Cowboys are Butch Cassidy, Buffalo Bill(whose name was really William), and Billy The Kid. Buffalo Bill was born in 1846 in Iowa and hunted bison and Died in 1917. Billy The Kid was born in 1859 in New York and moved to New Mexico. He was shot at the age of 22 and died in 1881. Butch Cassidy was born in 1866 and died in 1908. He was known for being a burglar and a robber, robbing trains and banks. He lived in Utah and ended up in South America where he died. They never found his body and his cause of death still remains a mystery. These iconic cowboys are what brought the love of cowboys to America. Even today little boys dress up as their favorite gun-slinging heroes for Halloween and Cowboy Cake Smashes.

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