Cake Smash Mickey Mouse Theme Andover
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Cake Smash Mickey Mouse Theme Andover

Cake Smash with Mickey Mouse!

I love this theme.  Mickey Mouse is a favorite to all, and having one year portraits with the theme is just too cute!  

Finding a photographer is easy, finding a photographer who understands lighting and children is a whole other ball game.    When looking at photographs you want to make sure that the photos are well exposed.  If they are not bright (and way TOO bright) then the photos are not exposed well.  You don't want harsh shadows or hot spots on the photo.  

When I photograph children for Cake Smashes I use one light off to my right and then sit in the middle of the room.  Sometimes I shoot with the light off as it can scare the child.  

The best thing you can do to prepare for a cake smash session is actually show the cake to the child before hand.  There is nothing worse then when a child is scared to death of the cake.

Location: Main Street, Andover MA.